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Migeru I like to say atari in teaching games, but not consistently, and as the people I teach become stronger I say it less and less. Atari founder Nolan Bushnell and early employees reminisce about starting the company and the evolution of the videogame industry in Silicon. In his statement, Mr Bushnell said he backed the GDC's decision because it demonstrated its wish to ensure people were treated with respect. WORKING at Atari Inc. is like playing one of the company's video games. saying something about the management of Atari, but few people. Warner claimed they fired me," recalled Bushnell. "I say I quit. It was a mutual separation." The development of a successor to the started as soon. Bushnell told Bally that they could offer to make another game for them, but only if they rejected Pong; Bally agreed, letting Atari off the hook for the. Like Pong, the gaming console was a major success that positioned Atari as the fastest growing company in the U.S.. Many people assume Nintendo. Atari CEO interview — How Rollercoaster Tycoon revival saved the company People say, “Oh, Atari, they're still alive? Everyone was making Atari games, and they were making them poorly, too. A lot of the stock on shelves was almost unplayable, and he says. The guy shot me a dirty look and said, “You're buying a new Atari And several decades later, people play games like this on their phones.